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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kace and Liam!

Liam's best buddy Kace came over for lunch today! We had to snap a photo of the two of them. Kelli and I grew up together starting in 7th grade. Who would have thought we would end up having babies that were born 6 days apart!! Aren't that cute together!

Month Two!

Well, Liam is coming up on 2 months old! He is 7 weeks today! It is such a fun age transition because he is really starting to show his cute little personality :) He must have Brad's personality because he is very laid back and doesn't mind just chilling.

He has really started smiling in response to all of us so that has been fun. He rarely cries and only does so when he is really hungry. He is a great eater and is downing about 4 ounces per feeding! We weighed him at the lactation consultant's office and at 7 weeks he is coming in around 11 1/2 lbs! Big Boy!

He loves taking baths, LOVEs his swing, loves having his diaper changed, and loves the ceiling fan most of all. He will stare at it for the longest time and just start smiling at it. He also loves my dad whistling to him as well and my mom can always make him smile.

My biggest accomplishment over the past few days is that I have mastered going on morning walks. While that may sound silly, this includes a stroller, a golden retriever, and two papillons. Angel walks right next to the stroller without a leash and has done fantastic. The boys had to adjust to a regular leash vs. flexi, but they have it down and love the walks. I have also figured out that I can clean house and Liam will hang out in his bouncy seat in whichever room I am cleaning :)This has been wonderful because I finally figured out that Liam is content hanging out in a swing or seat and I don't always have to hold him. That is a lifesaver!

We broke down and spent the money on a goo camera. It takes pictures and videos. We figured that we don't want to miss documenting a moment, so it is a good investment.

We are just having so much fun and look forward to all the next steps that we have in Liam's life. Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well our sweet baby boy is a month old (I'm a week late on this post!) I can see now why everyone says it goes by too quickly. But, we are thoroughly enjoying every second with him :) Some exciting news for me is that I have resigned from Coppell ISD for next year so I can stay home with Liam. We feel se blessed to be abe to stay home and I know I will enjoy every second. I will greatly miss teaching, but cannot wait to start my life as a stay at home mom with Liam!

Liam has learned his nights and days and is sleeping up to 5 hour stretches at night! He LOVES to eat and is regularly eating between 3-5 ounces at each feeding. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with him as he wants to eat more and more! He is a great baby and only cries when he is hungry or wants to get up from sleeping.

We had a great weekend with Brad's family last weekend and I will posts pictures when I get them uploaded. This is the first time that they have seen him since birth! It was a great visit! I know that he will change so much each time they come.

I Will try and add some pictures from our weekend when my family sends them to me since we do not have our new camera yet!

Here is a picture of his new "L" hat that we got off of Etsy :)This is the day he became one month old! Still can't believe it!