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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Liam is 9 months old!

How can it be that my sweet boy is going to be a year old in 3 MONTHS! I honestly cannot believe it. It is so cliche when people tell you "enjoy each moment, it goes so fast." But, man is it true! Each day he gets more and more fun! His little personality is coming out and he is just so funny!

We think he is going to be an early walked because by the end of his eighth month he is crawling very fast, pulling up on anything and EVERYTHING, cruises along furniture, and he is standing unassisted for a good 20-30 seconds. When we hold his hands, he will walk. Dr. Pam told me at his 9 month well check that he knows how to walk...but just doesn't know it yet. But, who knows! While the next step is always exciting, I would like him to stick with crawling for a bit longer. I know the falls get much harder when they are walking! We are still working on waving bye bye, but he can give you a slobbery kiss on demand and also has mastered the high five.

He is getting taller and is now in the 75th percentile on height. He has dropped to the 25th-30th percentile on weight, but she said that is just due to his increased activity. He still has a huge head though!

He drinks about 25-30 oz of breast milk everyday. He eats some pureed solids, but he is pretty much over the runny stuff and prefers finger foods now. He seems to be independent and likes to feed himself. He loves cheese, chicken, and peas. Anything I will let him pick up and eat, he pretty much likes. But, he specifically wants whatever is on my plate. So, I can trick him into eating veggies and quinoa :)

He got is tongue tie clipped at 8 1/2 months and is now babbling away! He LOVES to swing outside and will do it for hours no matter what the weather. He just relaxes and swings away. He also loves his daddy! Every evening when Brad gets home and says his name, Liam turns around with a huge smile and crawls straight to him while squealing little sqeaks the whole way to him. It is so cute how much excitement he shows when he gets home now. I know Brad really likes that since he only sees him in the morning and at bedtime.

We are having a blast with the little guy and look forward to the coming months! We are so blessed to have him and we are so thankful the Lord has chosen us to raise this little guy!


Christmas was over nearly a month ago and I am just now posting! Our camera got messed up and the images shot were raw images. So, it has taken me this long to convert them. So, needless to say, they don't look all that great and I had to delete a few.

We had a wonderful time over the holidays. It was so much fun to have Liam this year. I always think that Christmas is more fun with kids around, even more so when he is mine! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parent's house with my parents, Allie, and Eric/Amy. We went to a beautiful Christmas eve service at The Door and Liam got to attend the service. He was dressed in his Christmas vest and just looked precious :)

We went home and all played a game called "Quelf." It is one strange game. You pick these cards and it has you do some crazy things. Throughout the game we had my mom pretenting she was riding an ostrich, my dad wearing lipstick, and Amy with her hand wrapped up in foil. So, you can see it is quite the game. But, we had some great family time together.

Christmas eve we spent the night at my parent's house. Liam did not sleep well to say the least. We thought it was just being away from home, but come to find out he had a fever. He woke up on Christmas morning with 102 fever! Luckily, it ended up being teething and we broke the fever with some motrin. We opened all the amazing gifts with my side of the family, had a yummy breakfast, then headed to Houston with our cranky/teething baby.

We then got to celebrate with Brad's family. As usual, both our sets of parents do way too much for us! We had a very tasty dinner with his family, and then headed to the living room to open gifts. AS you can see from the picture (like where's waldo...find Kate!), there was a lot of gift to open :) We open those gifts one at a time...so it took a while!

The next morning we had a girls shopping day! It was a lot of fun!Then, the following day we headed home, took our Christmas stuff down, and relaxed! It was a wonderful time with everyone and we really had a memorable Christmas! The Lord has blessed us with such wonderful parents, brothers/sisters, and sister/brother in-laws. We all love each other and get along so well! Here are some pictures from Christmas Eve and Day!