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Friday, August 12, 2011

Liam's Guardian!

When I got pregnant, every told me that my dogs would become dogs and that they would not know what hit them. Well, that always bothered me but I kept my mouth shut thinking "I will show them when he is born that we love our dogs the same."

Well, now that Liam is born, I realize that I was wrong all along. We would not love our dogs the same once Liam was born...but actually love them even more! Watching them welcome Liam into their home with nothing but love and licks has been such a sweet experience!

We have three dogs and a cat.

Angel: Angel is an 8 year old Golden retriever/lab mix that I fostered and adopted my junior year in College. She is an amazing dog that would do anything for some loving. She is so great with Liam and gives him kisses daily.

Charlie: Charlie is our 4 year old papillon. He is Mr. Personality and is a funny guy. He LOVES Liam. Charlie is confident, smart, and very social. He loves to lay with Liam, kiss Liam, and just hangs around him all the time. He guards Liam from the cat for some reason and doesn't like to let her near him. Although, Jovi the cat is great with him also :)

Oliver: Oliver was my foster a few years ago that we fell in love with. We decided to keep him. He was not well socialized. While extremely sweet in every way, he is shy and does not do well with any correction as he is afraid you will hit him (which has never happened with us). Ollie is always sweet to kids but has also been the one who runs off as they run towards him. So, given all of this history, we believed that Ollie would have some trouble with the new baby. Boy were we wrong! Oliver has taken to the baby almost more than Charlie. We have renamed him "The guardian."

If Liam is on the floor, platmat, or anywhere in his reach, he is laying beside him. He gives him kisses when he is crying then stares at me until I pick him up. He lays about a foot away as if he is watching for someone to try to harm him. It is the sweetest thing in the world!

Needless to say, our dogs still sleep in our bed, get chewies, stay inside all day long, and are spoiled just as they always have been. :-)

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